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Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results
Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results

By Kim Barnes.


Today's organizations run on influence. Influence enables you to build the relationships you need to get results inside or outside the formal power structure.
The formal power structures are quickly changing or even disappearing, being replaced by newer, “flatter” and more flexible systems of governance. To provide products and services “faster, better and cheaper,” day-to-day decisions must be made where the action is happening. To be successful in today’s influence organization—regardless of your positional power—you need to be skillful and flexible in the way you influence others.
The Exercising Influence uses a “fitness model” to help teams and individuals develop strength, focus, and flexibility as influencers. You will learn new influence skills as you work through the program on your real-world business situations. Through a series of interactive exercises and the guided approach, you will learn how to plan and prepare for important exercising influence opportunities up, down, across and outside your organization.


On Completion You Will Be Able to:

  • Use influence models to develop effective influence behaviors and a strategic and tactical approach to influence
  • Evaluate how you currently use influence behaviors and identify areas for development
  • Develop and practice a variety of influence behaviors which you have identified as important to achieving successful results
  • Establish clear and powerful influence goals
  • Design an approach for formal and informal influence situations; apply the approach to a real-life situation


Who Should Engage?


Any individual who wants to improve his or her influence skills can benefit. This program is especially valuable to anyone in a formal or informal leadership role or anyone responsible for implementing change.
Exercising Influence is a just-in-time learning opportunity, enabling you to apply new skills immediately in resolving problems and conflicts and achieving outstanding business results.
"People continue to comment on how helpful the training on influence is to their everyday lives at work and at home. Thank you again." — Analog Devices
"This is a really fine and important course. We shouldn’t ask so many different people to mesh without giving them these tools." —Cisco Systems


Exercising Influence is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. also available as two day live workshop in English, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Thai, and Japanese

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